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Oriental Sky Co., Ltd. is located in Hebei Province, China. Since being established in 2002, we have been supplying fine sculpture & statue for clients throughout the world. We owe two large factories, one for bronze statue casting, the other for stone carving. We specialize in fine art bronze designing and casting, natural stone carving and combination. It's the advanced casting technology and abundant carving experience that enable us to make art quality artworks for our clients. We work as a team with sculptors with more than 20 years of statue experience to customize, design, produce and amend all kinds of bronze and marble statues.

Customization is one of the most characteristic service that we provide to our clients. With photos of the statue they require and particular dimensions, we can customize the statue with excellent details.

Regarding the bronze and stone material used for the statues, we purchase them from standard material factories. High quality material is the foundation for fine arts. This is the policy we persist all along.

For bronze statue casting, now we are adopting Silica Sol Casting method, this is the most advanced casting method by far. The statues cast in this method are enable to show best condition, such as smooth, firm and no sand holes, what’s more, the bronze can be well protected from rust and corrosion.

Hope we will complete a beautiful work for you.

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