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Bronze Cute Girl Standing on Globe Bronze Figure Statue

Are you considering to present what a gift to your beloved half on your wedding anniversary or her / his birthday that will make the day unique and meaningful? How about present a bronze statue?

The following story is a client requested us to make a special gift for his wife on her birthday party. It's a beautiful statue describing a cute girl standing on earth with her arms widely opening and a bright laugh on face.

It's easy to design the girl and make her as cute as possible. But to carve the earth, the sculptor really spent large amount of efforts. He must try to restore every continents and ocean onto this small globe, even the small islands can't be missed.

Devoting lots of effort and time, finally he completed the clay model.

A special birthday gift full of love

Seeing the clay model, the client was quite satisfied and he asked me to sent him more pictures following the procedure of the production, and he will make an album to record how the special gift is completed. Really a tender husband.

Through 30 days casting and amendment. We finally completed the beautiful statue.

Following are photos of the completed work. 

A special birthday gift full of love

This statue is significant for both the client and our company. It's a meaningful gift for his wife full of love, while for our company, it's a great honor to establish the bridge to convey his love. Thank you, I sincerely say from my deep heart.

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