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Life Size Bronze Crocodile Sculpture

Life Size Bronze Crocodile Sculpture

When seeing this extraordinary bronze crocodile sculpture, my client George who comes from USA couldn't help crying out "Oh, it is terrific, I love it." Indeed, this bronze crocodile sculpture is done too vividly, and if you pass by it coincidentally and no one tell you that it is just a bronze sculpture, you may be frightened and escape at once. 

This bronze crocodile sculpture is designed to be life size, of which the length is 300 cm (10 ft). 

What makes the bronze sculpture unique is the little bird in its mouth. Maybe you've known there is a kind of bird which always help to remove the residual in crocodile's teeth, meanwhile, they can also feed themselves. 

Our sculptor cleverly put the little bird in the mouth, and that elevates the meaning of this sculpture to a superor level immediately. 

Here are photos of this bronze crocodile sculpture. 




This bronze horse statue is cast in silica sol casting method, which is different from the common casting way and will well protect the statue from rusting or corrosion, even thought it is exposed to bad weather for a long time. 

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