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The shape of beauty in bronze

Elegant and noble, being a female these characters are seem to be born with. However, it is difficult to show these characters onto a bronze statue.

We received an inquiry from a client who likes a bronze lady statue which describe a lady just coming back to shore from water, her long dress become wet and wrinkled, very beautiful. However, it's a difficulty to show the visual effect, especially the effect that the wet dress stick onto skin and becomes transparent. Because the skin color under the wet dress is slightly different from the exposed skin. This is a huge challenge for the sculptor, he must know well how to handle the patina color.

But the fundamental task is to make a perfect clay model. For this clay model, the most complicated part is to shape those wrinkles and show the effect of being wet.

Following are photos of the clay model:

The shape of beauty in bronze

Quite beautiful, right? Although made in clay, it's not that different from real skin at first sight except for the color.

I sent those photos to the client for confirmation. Because only with approval can we enter the next step - bronze casting. The client was very satisfied with the clay model and we enter the bronze casting step.

The bronze casting method our foundry applies is the advanced Silica Sol Casting method. Different from the traditional ammonia casting method, silica sol casting prevent the oxides during casting, and the cast bronze will be well protected from rusting or corrosion. What's more, the statue surface will be with very few sand holes.

The average bronze thickness we used for this statue is 6mm. We must guarantee the thickness can bear the careful amendment. As we must make her skin smooth and sleek as real skins, in this case, it will destroy the overall beauty if the sand holes pop up somewhere.

Through 3 times of careful amendment, we finally complete the general shape of the statue. Then we enter the final step - Patina.

The process of patina went more smoothly than we had expected. It owed to the sculptor's rich experience of patina making.

Now let's appreciate the beauty and elegance of this lady.

The shape of beauty in bronze

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