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Custom Large Bronze Elephant Statue

Apr. 15, 2021

Custom Large Bronze Elephant Statue

We customized this large bronze statue for a client in Spain. 

Before producing the statue model, the client emphasized again and again that the elephant statue should be life size, the most important, it must be realistic to an acutal elephant. 

Following are photos of the clay model we made for the statue. 


The client was astonished by the grand elephant statue clay model, and he couldn't help seeing the completed bronze statue. 

The casting method we used for this bronze elephant statue is Silica Sol Casting method. 

Different from the common but low-effective ammonia casting method, Silca sol casting method is regarded as the most advanced casting method for bronze statue. 

The advantage is not only that the bronze surface that cast by this method is fine and with very less sand holes, but also that the statue will be well rusting or corrosion resistant. 

What's more, the bronze thickness we offered for this statue is average 4-6 mm (The common bronze thickness is only 2-3 mm), and that guarantees a quite good bronze quality directly. 

Following are photos of the bronze elephant statue we completed finally. 




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