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Large Luxurious Marble Stone Altar with Fine Carvings

Jun. 04, 2021

Large Luxurious Marble Stone Altar with Fine Carvings

Solemn, holy and luxurious, it's the first impression that this large marble altar brings to you. 

Indeed, the pure white marble being well polished till the surroundings are reflected indistinctly, the carefully carved patterns, and the perfectly gilded golden papers, this altar is destined to be unique and extraordinary. 

When the client gave us the drawing with detailed dimensions for the altar, for the first sight, the sculptor thought that it's just a common altar. 

Before we also made other altars, which are of quite complicated patterns, for example, the "last supper" of Da Vinci, or the entire shape is quite grand. 

However, for this altar, the patterns are quite simple. 

Then the sculptor suggested that we gild golden papers to decorate the pattern. Because the golden color matches pure white best. 

The client thought highly of the suclptor's suggestion. 

Followings are images of the altars which have been completed gilding. 


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