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Life Size Bronze Jumping Horse Statue

Oct. 29, 2020

Life Size Bronze Jumping Horse Statue 

We received a request from a client from USA. He hopes someone can make a life size rearing horse statue for his company, and the statue will be established in front of company gate. 

As for an adult strong horse, its muscle outline will be entirely shown when it makes the action of running or jumping. 

The sculptor knows this point well, and he spared no efforts to show its muscle outlines when making the clay model. 



With approval from the client, we started bronze casting.  

When we came to patina making. I suggested the patina color to be dark brown or black, because for an actual horse, the ones with bright black furs are always regarded to be healthy and strong. Finally we chose black patina. 

bronze horse 1.jpg


This bronze horse statue is cast in silica sol casting method, which is different from the common casting way and will well protect the statue from rusting or corrosion, even thought it is exposed to bad weather for a long time. 

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