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What makes our bronze statues outstanding from others

Aug. 10, 2020

The bronze statues we create offer incredible, life-like details and larger-than-life impressions to all our clients. Bronze can - and does! - withstand the demands of display both indoors and out, and our artists work to skillfully incorporate patinas for noteworthy bronze statue finishes that only grow more incredible with time.

However, what makes a bronze statue stand out from the common ones?

The first factor is the bronze material and the bronze thickness.

All our bronze materials are purchased from standard bronze factory and arrive in ingot shape.

What makes our bronze statues outstanding from others

The quality of bronze material decides the bronze statue quality directly.

The bronze thickness is another crucial factor. Some bad quality bronze statue with a thickness of only 2mm or even lower. But our bronze thickness is average 4-6 mm. That makes the statue well sustainable even though exposed to serious weathers, heavy rain, wind or snow, even in salty coastal areas.

The second factor is the casting method.

The most traditional casting method for bronze statue is Ammonia casting, in which during the mold making process, the mold is solidified by ammonia. The bronze cast out by this method is with many sand holes and very easy to grow green further like substance inside the holes.

The casting method our foundry use is Silica Sol Casting. In the process the molds are solidified by Silica Sol, which can prevent the bronze from air, what's more the sand particles used for mold is very fine, and that decreases the sand holes significantly.

The third factor is the final treatment and patina.

Final treatment is the process after the bronze casting being completed. Our sculptor will treat and amend the statue carefully. The main amendment is mainly concentrated onto sand holes.


The coloring you see on our sculptures is not paint, but instead is a patina which is the result of a chemical reaction. Different chemicals react with the bronze to achieve different colors. We specialize in creating traditional patinas of brown, burgundy and green but can create custom colors for you as well.

Followings are some images of bronze statues we completed. Please see the quality we can provide.

What makes our bronze statues outstanding from others

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